Save up to 42% on the cost of work related car parking

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Employer Incentives

Our unique service is free of charge to you

Allows you to offer a non-taxable benefit to your employees

Your initial outlay is quickly recuperated via salary sacrifice scheme

You save 13.8% on your employers NI contributions 

We provide all the documentation needed to administer this scheme

Employee Incentives

You do not have to find the upfront cost

Park close to your workplace in a secure car park

Payment deducted directly from your salary

Savings of up to 42% on your Tax and NI

Massive savings on your daily parking costs

Employer Savings Estimate*

Cost of Permit £1000 per annum
Amount Employer Deducts from Employee's Salary £1000.00
Parking Scheme Charges to Employer FREE
Amount Employer Saves Up to 13.8% on Employer's NI Contributions
If 100 employees sign up, the employer saves up to £13,800 per annum

* based on an annual permit costing £1000

Employee Savings Estimate*

  Tax Rate
Lower Rate Higher Rate
Income Tax Saving £200.00 £400.00
NI Saving £120.00 £20.00
Final Cost £680.00 £580.00
Total Saving £320.00 £420.00
Percentage Saving 32% 42%
Gross Salary Sacrifice £83.34 £83.34
Net Cost £56.68 £48.34

* based on an annual permit costing £1000